Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Floyd grew up in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth with his grandparents. Young and gifted with a bright future in the music industry, Floyd never missed an opportunity to grab the mic. From primary to high school, he was known as the little boy with the big melodious voice. Churches in and around Santa Cruz ceased every opportunity to put him in front of their congregation to deliver a soul-stirring rendition. As he matured into his late teens and became more aware of his skills, he began to look for ways to sharpen his skills. As a teen, he was already renowned in his district with several churches and event planners have him as a frequent act on their roster.     read more

Peter Mitchell aka Silky Smooth, was born and raised in the beautiful parish of Clarendon. His singing career started as a youth in Kingston, where he received his schooling and got his first major exposure in the music arena.


His quiet demeanor has always seem to gain him positive energies from anyone who he comes in contact with. His good mannerism was not the only thing he had going for him as a young man growing up in the capital; his talent was no stroke of luck, it was a gift from the Almighty, and so each time he enters the stage weather  at his school functions or rubbing heads with musical giants, he was always cheered with much applaud. read more