Chris Napier

Chris Napier. 16 B Studio

Chris Napier is a sound engineer, musician and producer at 16-Bars Multimedia LLC. The talented drummer is also a song writer and provides vocal arrangement for 16-Bars artistes.  As part owner of  the company, this genius wears many hats, and when he is not in his studio, he can be seen behind the camera filming, or working as a voice over actor in one of their many productions.


Chris Napier is the talent behind Dianna's Wright's single- Big God, and the sole producer of her EP, Real ting which will debut on October 26, 2019 in Concord, NC. He has also worked on Lisa Bella's single, natural body. 


Chris is currently working on new projects for some upcoming artistes. Yah's willing, 2020 will be seeing more of his handy work, literally. Watch out for bigger and better things from Chris Napier, sound engineer and record producer at 16-Bars Multimedia.

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